Events & Activities


19th June – CAER roadshow at Glyn Derw High School Garden Party

Come along, make your own Iron Age pot and find out more about the CAER project’s finds to date & our plans for this summer’s dig.


26th June – CAER roadshow at Ely & Caerau Learning Showcase, Western Leisure Centre

Get involved in interactive & fun archaeology activities and sign up for this summer’s Digging Caerau excavation!


30th June – 25th July – Digging Caerau II Excavation, Caerau Hillfort

Come and get involved in community excavations at Caerau Hillfort running for four weeks this June and July. Everyone is invited to come and visit and get involved in the dig while it’s in progress to help unearth the hidden history of Caerau and Ely from 2000 years ago – there’s opportunities to:

  • Sign up for a FREE Live Local Learn Local course in Archaeological Skills (pre-enrolment required)
  • Earn Time Credits for any time you give helping with the archaeological work
  • Come up and visit to learn more about the amazing history of Caerau and Ely

The dig will be taking place in the field next to St Mary’s Church. The dig will be open to visitors 10am-4pm Tuesday to Saturday.


1st – 2nd July – Connected Communities Fetival, St David’s Conference Centre, Cardiff Bay

The CAER Team will have a stand at the Connected Communities Festival (a festival celebrating heritage projects based in local communities). The CAER Stand includes an interactive ‘virtual’ dig that brings the off-site hillfort excavation to the heart of the Connected Communities Festival. There will be a live daily ‘CAER TV’ Skype broadcast from the site at Caerau, enabling visitors to interact directly with the archaeologists and participants and ask questions about the finds. Visitors will also be able to participate in the experience of archaeological research at the Stand’s ‘CAER Finds Desk’ where they will have the opportunity to work alongside community members processing archaeological finds from the excavation. A shuttle bus to Caerau Hillfort excavations and the CAER exhibition at St Fagans National History Museum will be available every 40 minutes from Caerau Hillfort and St David’s Conference Centre for the duration of the Connected Communities Festival.


1st – 2nd July – Exhibition: Digging the Past | Photos and Iolo – Images Objects and Riddles from Caerau & Ely, St Fagans National History Museum

An interactive exhibition designed and co-produced for the CAER Heritage by artist Paul Evans and the communities of Caerau and Ely. The exhibition stars Iolo the bard and hundreds of photos of Caerau and Ely, past and present. See if you can find Iolo in the pictures – and use riddles designed by local schools to guess what he has hidden in his bag. If successful a CAER project exhibition photobook will be your reward!

Exhibition open to visitors from 10am-4pm. A shuttle bus will be available every 40 minutes from Caerau Hillfort.


1st July – Banner Bright: Bread, Blood and the Butes

A very special banner procession from Bute Park to Cardiff involving the school pupils and residents from Caerau & Ely and Merthyr Tydfil bearing community made banners with street dance and music! More details soon.


2nd July – Caeraustock Film Screenings(1-2pm)

During the 2013 Digging Caerau excavations, local filmmaker, Viv Thomas, filmed every aspect of this community dig and interviewed many participants and visitors. Viv has many hours of footage and, together with the CAER Project team, he has established a collaborative collective which has co-produced a series of interlinked ‘viral’ short films with a range of local community groups. The films present a range of creative interpretations of Viv’s extensive footage from different perspectives. Entitled collectively as Caeraustock, the films will be screened simultaneously during the Connected Communities Festival to audiences across three locations: within Caerau hillfort, at St Fagans National History Museum and at the St David’s Conference Centre.


19th July – The Big Lunch at the Big Dig

Archaeology is a great way to bring people together and what better way to spend a Saturday is there than to come together with your neighbours, visit the Big Dig, get involved in lots of fun activities and eat some great food!? On Saturday 19th July we organising a Big Lunch in St Mary’s Field. The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project. The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. The idea is to bring something you’ve made or cooked and share it with you neighbours up at Caerau Hillfort where they’ll be activities for the kids and adults, music and decorations!


Like more details or to get involved? Contact the CAER Heritage Project team by filling in the form below or tel 02920 875610 and ask to speak to Olly