Postcards from the Iron Age: Part I

Paul Evans and Becky Smith led this drop in activity during the CAER Heritage Project exhibition at St Fagans on Monday 18th June.

Visitors were asked to write a postcard from the Iron Age to the present day (or from the present day to the Iron Age).

CAER Heritage Project – Postcard from the Iron Age
More postcards from the Iron Age …

We received some great postcards from our friends in the Iron Age :

I like the round houses.
They’re just like our houses but smaller and much colder!!

Dear Mum,
I can’t wait to come back home.
The food portions are the same that we give to our dogs.
Not good.
I love you a lot!
From Mehak

Dear future archaeologists,
I have buried a rather nice drinking cup in my round house, maybe you will be able to find it!
Kind regards,
An Iron Age Person

And sent some great ones to the Iron Age from the present day:

Central heating is a fantastic invention, better than fires. Do you have wine yet? The weather does not improve. The current queen is pretty great, look forward to that. Have fun.
Wish you were here!

Dear Iron Age people,
I would like you to have seen our IT “Google” systems today!
I like your axes and swords!
E Simons

More Postcards from the Iron Age to follow soon!

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