Postcards from the Iron Age: Part II

More Postcards from the Iron Age:

More postcards from the Iron Age …

Dear Mother,
I’ve missed you, the weather sucks.
I want food but most of all I love you.
P.S. The Iron Age rocks, you have missed out on a lot!

To Mum,
I have just signed up for the army and I have killed my first roman.
Hope everything is alright.
All the best,
From Jim

Dear Mum,
The Iron Age is horrible, the food portions are very small and it rains all the time.
I miss you
From Chantelle

Dear Iron Age people,
I would like to tell you how 21st Century people live. Nowadays we have cars, big houses, lots of games like football, rugby and many more.
We only have one queen and we all work together.

Dear people of the Iron Age!
I like your swords, they must have been useful. Who invented the axe?
Hope the weather is nice.
Enjoy the past.
Person of 2012

You’ve missed out.
Ipods are my life.
Apple is not only a fruit but a brand.
Iron is replaced by steel.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Have fun.

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