Jeff’s History Blog – My trip to Llantrithyd village

st illyds church LLantrithyd
St Illyds church LLantrithyd

Done a 7 mile trip to this village on bike and on approach I found a stunning place a church, St Illyds, and 16th century manor house in a quiet countryside setting.

LLantrithyd place1
LLantrithyd Place

Brief history – the manor house Llantrithyd Place was built by John Bassett in the early part of the 16th century. The ruins of the house are in the feild adjacent to the church yard but are not in a safe condition.

St Illyds church – the church probably dates from the later part of the 12th century, some 400 years before the building of Llantrithyd Place.

It was the marriage of Mary Mansel to Thomas Aubrey that led to six generations of the Aubreys living at Llantrithyd Place.

The family came to spend more time at their inherited estate at Boarstall, Bucks until the house fell empty about 1750/60 and subsequently deteriorated into ruin the roof collapsing in 1832.

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