Jeff’s Blog – My visit to Neath Castle and Neath Abbey

Neath Castle – substantial stone works remains of this castle in the town centre of Neath.  A stone sign marks the site of a Roman fort (Nidum) built in 75AD to watch over the river Nedd.

neath castle
Me outside the castle gatehouse

In the late 12th century Robert FitzRoy, Earl of Glouchester and lord of Glamorgan established his own fortress, Neath Castle, which dates back to the 12th century.  Almost 50yrs later in 1231, Morgan Gam and Llewelyn ab Lorwerth destroyed much of the castle, which forced Richard De Clare, Lord of Glamorgan to re-build it in stone.

I was really impressed with this castle – the gate house and a small court yard remains are still a nice place to visit.

neath abbey,
Neath Abbey

My next stop took me to Neath Abbey – a really nice place, but the only put off for me is that the abbey is in a middle of an industrial estate.

neath abbey
Inside Neath Abbey

In October 1130 Abbot Richard and 12 monks came from Savigny in France to set up a new abbey on lands donated by Richard de Granville, which he had captured 10 years earlier from the Welsh.

The abbey became Cistercian in 1147 along with all the other Savgniac monastic houses.  A Tudor mansion house was added the the site in the late 1600s.

This site is now up for sale by Cadw, and the National Trust is taking it over.

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