Caerau ‘Trench Hedz’

A busy day at Caerau hillfort with pupils from Glyn Derw High School, Cardiff: creating artworks themed around Celtic heads and designing a waymark for the forthcoming HEART of Cardiff Heritage Trail with Paul Evans, CAER Heritage project lead artist.

Stage 1: After an introduction by Ian Daniel from St Fagans National History Museum, the young artists sketched out their Celtic head designs and transferred the best of these onto labels.


These labels were then hung at the entrance to the hillfort – perhaps they will act as a deterrent to enemies or evil spirits that might threaten the site?



Stage 2: Everyone on site – young artists and archaeologists – was asked to create an individual celtic head in clay.



Work in progress …


The little sculptures were then placed carefully into one of the excavated trenches – completing Stage 2 of our intervention.


Check out the Gallery for Rob Barrett’s 3D renderings of our Caerau ‘Trench Hedz’.

Stage 3: Designing a Celtic-themed waymark for our forthcoming HEART of Cardiff Heritage trail.
More information about how we are developing this trail will follow soon!


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