Did you know that around 1,800 years ago, Romans and Ancient Britons were neighbours – living very nearby, here in Caerau? What would happen if the Ancient Britons and the Romans had a football match? Who would win? Here at CAER Heritage we’ve been thinking about a Romans v Ancient Britons football game for someContinue reading “CAERbutteo”

CAER Big Dig

Last week, me and my dad dug a test pit in the garden. At first I wasn’t really enthralled with the idea of sitting in the heat, digging and sifting through mud; the reason I decided to do it is because, as a family, we’re really connected to the house. My Grandmother was born inContinue reading “CAER Big Dig”

Archaeology Diary

My name is Oliver and I’m studying Archaeology at Cardiff University. As part of my course at the University, four weeks’ practical archaeology work must be undertaken. This could be in a museum or out in the field. During the first year, as part of my practical work I went to a private archaeology companyContinue reading “Archaeology Diary”

Dyddiadur Archaeolog

Fy enw di Oliver, ac rydw i’n astudio Archaeoleg lan at y brifysgol yng Nghaerdydd. Fel rhan o fy nghwrs at y brifysgol mae angen cario mas pedwar wythnos o Waith ymarferol Archaeoleg. Galla hin fod mewn amgueddfa neu mas yn y cae. Y flwyddyn gyntaf fel rhan o fy Ngwaith ymarferol wnes i fyndContinue reading “Dyddiadur Archaeolog”

CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort at the Urdd National Eisteddfod

Cardiff Bay was the venue of the 2019 Urdd National Eisteddfod. On May 28th, the CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort team were fortunate enough to be invited to have a stall, within the Cardiff University tent, in the Roald Dahl Plass. The CAER team, consisting of university staff and students, ACE staff and volunteers arrived brightContinue reading “CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort at the Urdd National Eisteddfod”

Live Local Learn Local: Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories of Caerau and Ely In collaboration with CAER Heritage, a recent six-week course, Hidden Histories of Caerau and Ely was established by Cardiff University’s innovative Live Local Learn Local programme which delivers free accredited courses in communities facing social and economic challenges. CAER Heritage have embedded a whole range of these brilliant courses into our activities over the past 5 years,Continue reading “Live Local Learn Local: Hidden Histories”

Helen’s CAER journey

I have volunteered with the CAER Heritage Project since 2013.  Initially, my intention was to just ‘dip my toe’ into their local adult education archaeology courses, but I was immediately hooked.  I had been interested in archaeology from the comfort of my own home for far too long, and it was time for me toContinue reading “Helen’s CAER journey”

The Hidden Hillfort: creative co-production workshop

On Friday 13th November four artists from the ACE Breaking the Mould: Hands On Art At Our Place project met up with members of the management team of the new HLF funded Hidden Hillfort project, and CAER Heritage Project artist Paul Evans for a day of intensive creative co-production. Based around a series of exercises devised byContinue reading “The Hidden Hillfort: creative co-production workshop”

Unearthing Utopia

Background In June 2016 CAER Heritage Project lead artist Paul Evans and local film maker Viv Thomas visited the Utopia Fair at Somerset House in London. Presented in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Connected Communities programme, the Utopia Fair showcased the creative outcomes from 25 AHRC-funded projects, including theContinue reading “Unearthing Utopia”

The Model Village :: Part 3

On 24-26th June 2016 CAER Heritage Project Lead artist Paul Evans, artist and film maker Jon Harrison, local film maker Viv Thomas and historian Dan Jewson attended the Utopia Fair at Somerset House London. Over the weekend, 35 representatives from contemporary utopian movements from all over the UK took up stalls and fill the courtyard, celebrating the pockets of utopiaContinue reading “The Model Village :: Part 3”

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