Did you know that around 1,800 years ago, Romans and Ancient Britons were neighbours – living very nearby, here in Caerau? What would happen if the Ancient Britons and the Romans had a football match? Who would win? Here at CAER Heritage we’ve been thinking about a Romans v Ancient Britons football game for someContinue reading “CAERbutteo”

National Play Day 2019: CAER-style

On August 7th we were invited by Cardiff Council Children’s Play Services to run an art activity at their fantastic annual National Play Day!  Following last year’s successful event held at Roath Rec, this year it was situated in the beautiful grounds of Llandaff fields alongside lots of other wonderful local organisations: Flying Start, CardiffContinue reading “National Play Day 2019: CAER-style”

Learning through Iron Age play…

For the CAER Heritage Project, staff team, the relationship with the current residents of Caerau Hillfort and the surrounding area is just as important as its historic occupants. The immediate area, Church Road, is home not only to incredible history and archaeology but also an active and thriving community group, Unity. Our relationship with theContinue reading “Learning through Iron Age play…”