My first experiences of digging at Caerau Hillfort

Cardiff University’s Exploring the Past Student Midnight blogs about her first day on site… I’m filled with excitement as we drive through a red brick housing estate and find the semi-hidden track leading to the top of Caerau hill at our first attempt. I’ve never been on an Archaeological excavation before, my only relevant experienceContinue reading “My first experiences of digging at Caerau Hillfort”

Jeff’s Blog – My visit to Neath Castle and Neath Abbey

Neath Castle – substantial stone works remains of this castle in the town centre of Neath.  A stone sign marks the site of a Roman fort (Nidum) built in 75AD to watch over the river Nedd. In the late 12th century Robert FitzRoy, Earl of Glouchester and lord of Glamorgan established his own fortress, NeathContinue reading “Jeff’s Blog – My visit to Neath Castle and Neath Abbey”

Jeff’s History Blog – My visit to Old Beaupre Castle

Today I visited a lovely place called Old Beaupre Castle, in the Vale of Glamorgan. Substantial remains of a castle largely built in 14th to 16th centuries. Once owned by the Mansels and later on the Bassets. Richard Basset supported King Charles 1st during the English Civil War. After the kings defeat he was forcedContinue reading “Jeff’s History Blog – My visit to Old Beaupre Castle”

Jeff’s History Blog – My trip to St Andrews Major

First visit to St Andrews Major church – I’m very impressed with the place, nice surroundings in a small peaceful village. The high west tower with a corbelled parapet and a south door way, the porch and wide north aisle all date from remodelling of 1480-1520. The nave and chancel are maybe 13th century andContinue reading “Jeff’s History Blog – My trip to St Andrews Major”

Jeff’s History Blog – My trip to Llantrithyd village

Done a 7 mile trip to this village on bike and on approach I found a stunning place a church, St Illyds, and 16th century manor house in a quiet countryside setting. Brief history – the manor house Llantrithyd Place was built by John Bassett in the early part of the 16th century. The ruinsContinue reading “Jeff’s History Blog – My trip to Llantrithyd village”