Caerau Hillfort

Surrounded by housing and the A4232, Caerau hillfort is one of the largest and best preserved in South Wales.  It occupies the western tip of an extensive ridge-top plateau in the western suburbs of Caerau and Ely, Cardiff, Wales. The old parish church, St Mary’s, and a small ringwork, almost certainly a medieval castle site probably contemporary with the church, stand within the hillfort on the north-eastern side. Caerau Hillfort is the third largest Iron Age hillfort in Glamorgan enclosing 5.1 hectares (about the size of four football pitches).  Recent excavations by Channel Four’s Time Team in April 2012 showed that occupation started about 600BC and lasted, probably not continuously, into the 3rd century AD.


Caerau Hillfort – the enormous Iron Age hillfort boundary earthworks are now covered by trees (© Crown: RCAHMW)

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