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What’s on

CAER Big Dig and CAER Cupboard Archaeology

CAER Big Dig and CAER Cupboard Archaeology will be happening over the course of the week starting 6th July 2020

We are looking for wannabe time travellers of all ages interested in history and archaeology, or just looking for a fun activity, to help deal with the boredom of lockdown and connect us safely with our friends, neighbours and wider community. 

For folks with gardens, we need YOU to be part of CAER Big Dig by undertaking your very own archaeological excavation in your back yard!

Don’t have a garden or not able to dig? No problem! We need YOU to take a journey of exploration into your home as part of CAER Cupboard Archaeology.

Together, we’ll help uncover the hidden history under the gardens of Caerau and Ely!

Why get involved?

Because it’s about bringing us all together to discover OUR story – creating a new history of Caerau and Ely while learning new skills, making new friends (safely!) and connecting us to our community’s amazing past. Why not join in and:

  • Get the kids involved in fun, family learning
  • Learn new skills and work with archaeology experts
  • Bring our families, neighbours and communities together (safely)
  • Discover our community’s past and help create a ‘virtual’ exhibition

Check out this blog from CAER’s own Charlotte. Charlotte and her dad carried out a Big Dig in her Grandmother’s back garden and found out about the modern history of the house that her family had grown up in.

Getting involved is easy. Sign up to CAER Big Dig here

OR if you have any questions phone 02920 003132 and ask for a call back from one of the CAER team

Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with our project – from getting hands-on with archaeological digs, becoming an ambassador for the Hidden Hillfort or co-delivering outreach sessions – there is something for everyone.  Volunteering is an incredible way to develop skills, contribute to your community and meet new people. We believe in working co-productively meaning that we work with people to develop opportunities based on their needs, interests and skills: this means that volunteering with us can be really bespoke.

Please contact the team ( ) to discuss opportunities and/or browse some of the current volunteer opportunities below.

Current opportunities

Please contact the team ( ) to discuss the below opportunities

// Gardening & vegetation clearance volunteer // ongoing

// Education assistant // ongoing [DBS & application required]

// Community Ambassador // ongoing  

// Archaeology volunteer // June & July 2020

Corporate and Group Volunteering

Volunteering with us is a great chance to get to know the history, archaeology and communities of Caerau and Ely whilst positively contributing to community regeneration.  We can offer bespoke volunteering packages to organisations, such as pathway maintenance, conservation management and archaeological discovery.  Please get in touch with the team if your organisation is interested in volunteering.

Love Our Hillfort

The ‘Love Our Hillfort’ community group is comprised of volunteers who want to positively engage with, conserve and improve the experience, appreciation and understanding of Caerau Hillfort and its broader environs. Through community campaigns targeting local issues and the creation of a safe, accessible heritage trail network, the group are proactive and responsive to community need. To get involved please email:

Get Creative

Why not get creative with your family by downloading our brilliant CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort Activity Booklet and take a fun and fact filled journey through time. Inside you will find six pages of activities based on the amazing history and heritage of Caerau and Ely.


CAER Heritage is a collaboration between ACE, Cardiff University, local schools, residents and many others. Its aim is to explore the history and archaeology of Caerau Hillfort and the surrounding area, helping to connect wider communities with their heritage and develop educational and new-life opportunities.


ACE – Action in Caerau and Ely
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