Heritage Legacies

P1000327 1This project seeks to explore the legacies (e.g. the outcomes and benefits) created by co-produced heritage research like the CAER Heritage Project. Co-production of research between universities and communities makes research part of a more open and democratic process of knowledge production. It also offers communities greater control over research process and opportunities to learn from their experiences.

During 2014 this project will trace, record and consider the motivation and impact of participants’ involvement with the CAER Heritage Project. This would include secondary school teachers and Heads, local development workers, partnership organisations, school pupils, and other volunteers. This will primarily be an opportunity to consider how the various forms of engagement amongst those taking part have helped to shape the current research, but also how these legacies can help shape the future of community and co-produced heritage research.

Heritage Legacies is happening through collaborations amongst projects and heritage organisations. Our core network is a set of Connected Communities heritage projects at the Universities of Aberdeen, Cardiff and Sheffield, together with co-design research based at the University of Leeds.

For more information see the project website here