On Shared Ground

This project explores why some people participate in heritage projects and others do not? In particular, we want to think about how groups can communicate with and potentially work with people who may share their ground but not their interests or values?

Research will take place on three hills, in three different countries – St Mary’s Hill, Cardiff; Wincobank Hill, Sheffield; Bennachie, Aberdeen. Academics from Cardiff University (CAER Heritage Project), The University of Sheffield and The University of Aberdeen, along with professional artist Paul Evans, are working with community groups in these locations to tackle the abuse and misuse of heritage landscapes whilst simultaneously promoting the care and use of these spaces.

Working on St Mary’s Hill, the CAER Heritage Project team, led by artist Paul Evans, will work with community groups to explore their use of the landscape and church and record the different narratives, experiences and encounters of people who visit these places. These recordings will be made into a film to be shown at an open-air screening later in 2014.